hello, it's me


I married my best friend in 2013 after four years of best friendship. I caught his eye back in 2009 when I started singing a song from a musical themed episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He caught my eye the first time we officially met- he hugged me and gently rested his head on mine. And he didn't let go. Something you should never do when meeting/ hugging a stranger for the first time. I giggled and said "well this could get awkward" and this smooth son of a gun said "this will never be awkward". Hot dang. So now we have been best pals for almost 8 years. 

When i'm not working you can typically find me and Garrett at Alamo Drafthouse or dreaming up new ideas/ working on our house. It’s a real priority of mine to eat Torchy’s once a week and P.Terry’s once a month. Here are more things I like to do when I can: watch football (go Broncos and Hook 'Em Horns!), nap, travel, eat french fries, or visit family and friends back home in the piney woods of east Texas. You should know that I really really love Justin Timberlake. I watch a lot of Netflix while I work which means that I have seen every episode of Parks & Rec many, many times. Treat yo self day is on my calendar. It's October 13th just in case you want to write it down as well.

Lately: caught up on every episode of My Favorite Murder, Enneagram chats and references are constant, I have a reoccurring dream that me and Sam Smith are best pals, I’ve been trying to take more photos without my hipster hat but I miss it.

I love fall, I drink pumpkin spice latte's, and I don't care who knows! 



Do you want to drink PSL's with me, support my torchy’s addiction or take photos somewhere cool? Let me know here!