One Day Workshop

November 14, 2018

Austin, Texas

12:00pm -5:30pm

Well hey! If you’re seeing this that means that you are interested in learning more about wedding photography, how to run a successful business, or maybe you just want to get the low down on what it takes to be a photographer— this workshop is for everyone! Wanna hear more about what you’ll be learning? Check out the classes below!


Why photography matters

When you agree to photograph someone, wether it is a wedding or a senior session, you are taking on the role of visual historian— preserving moments in time for clients to look back on fondly, to share with their families, to show future generations. We will talk about your “why” and how that translates into your photography!



Branding + client experience

These two topics go hand in hand. We will cover what branding is and what it is not, finding your voice, and how to ensure that your clients have an amazing experience. There is so much more to creating a consistent brand than just good photos.



pricing + emails

It’s hard to know how to price yourself in a saturated market so we will talk about pricing strategies that actually work and how creating a solid, easy to understand pricing guide can help your bookings and cut down on pointless back and forth emails. Speaking of emails— getting ghosted is the worst. None of us can escape getting ghosted, but there are steps that we can take the get ghosted less and well, that’s better than nothing!


Other topics include:

Client Management

Gear and Gear Insurance

Photo Backup

Q & A


a styled shoot

12:00- Welcome + Intros

12:30- LEARN

2:00- break


3:40- Q & A / Portfolio Review

4:00- Leave for styled shoot

4:30- Styled Shoot


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