Joshua Tree National Park


So much heck yeah right now. I recently attended the Heck Yeah Workshop with Ben Sasso and Katch Silva in Joshua Tree National Park where I got to learn and shoot with creatives from all over the world. Ben and Katch blew me away with their kindness and willingness to share all of their knowledge. Not only are they kick-ass photographers, they're also kick-ass people. Ben and Katch are super in to camping so they actually encouraged us to sleep outside under the stars. A few of us were super pumped to have that opportunity! We set up some tents just in case of rain and for those who were uncomfortable with sleeping out in the open, which worked out in my favor that first night. Let me just tell y'all that I LOVE nature, but I also respect it. So when what sounded like hundreds of coyotes started howling at the moon at 2am I crawled on over to my tent where I slept until about 6am. At that point I felt safe so I laid back down by the rest of the group and watched the sun rise. It was at that point that I decided not to let those wily coyotes keep my from sleeping under the stars again so on the second night I stayed out, even when the howling began! I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and traveled to the West Coast to meet 15 strangers to learn and camp with them in the desert.

Now for the photos! Part of the workshop included a live shoot with a real couple so we got some amazing shots as well as posing tips from Ben and Katch. I'm pretty pumped to share some of these with y'all!