James Wedding Part II


Part I- The Backyard Elopement

Miranda + Austin

Wow, truly don't know where to start with these two. They had two weddings so that Miranda's mom who was battling cancer could witness her baby girl and only child marry the man of her dreams. Their first wedding was the most beautiful celebration of love and life, even in the face of loss. It was bittersweet to say the least, but to see how Miranda and Austin along with their friends and families handled grief with such grace was extremely touching and inspiring. 

I didn't feel like I could do their full story justice, so I asked Miranda to write about her experience and here is what she had to say:

"Our wedding day was a little different than most. We had actually had a small outdoor ceremony in my backyard around 5 months before our originally planned wedding date with around 12 people so that my husband and I could say our vows and officially get married in front of my mom.  She had been battling cancer for the last 16 months and unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worst.  In the span of 72 hours, with the help of our close friends and family, we were able to set up a few rows of chairs, display some beautiful white flowers, buy some champagne and have a priest come to marry us. Our ceremony was lovely and we are so happy we did it!  11 days later my mom passed away, but her spirit lives on in all of us everyday and we definitely felt her love at our 'second wedding' (renewal of our vows) at Horseshoe Bay Resort on October 22, 2016."

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