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James Wedding Part II- The Celebration in October

Miranda + Austin

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Before Miranda's mom passed away she was able to help plan the big day, and oh man was it perfect. As most daughter's know, our moms are our best friends and I am so happy that Miranda was able to share in that joy with her mom and best friend. 

From Miranda:

"My mom was a part of almost the entire wedding planning process.  She came to the venue, helped with my flowers, went dress shopping with me (saw me pick the one I wore in October) and even went cake tasting with me!  I was so lucky that her illness didn't keep her from helping me with so many preparations at the beginning.  She was so excited for me and my husband and it made her so happy to see me with the love of my life!  I know she wanted us to celebrate our love in front of all our family and friends and have the day I always dreamed of!  

I was also able to add things into the wedding and reception that had to do with my mom. I had a shell memorial of her at the ceremony and then reception site and I also made personal olive oil bottles with rosemary for the giveaway which had one of my mom's famous salad dressing recipes to go with it! I also took a picture of myself in her wedding gown and put it side by side with the picture of her in her wedding gown! It was the perfect amount of little touches that made me, my husband, and all of our guests feel she was there!  

It was an unforgettable night but also a night that brought everyone closer together! I will always cherish my photos and memories and it will definitely be one of the best days of my life! I know mom was watching over everyone and smiling down on us too!"

Miranda + Austin,

Thank you so much for letting me document two of the biggest days of y'alls lives. I am honored and humbled by y'alls grace, sincerity, and perseverance. I love that I get to call you two friends and I am so excited to see where life leads y'all. 

xo, gloria

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