In Home Session | Emily and Scott


These two are so very dear to me. I met Emily in the 2nd grade and over the years she became someone that I truly consider a sister. We have this weird bond in our group of friends. It's rare to find a girl squad (for lack of a better term) that endures over a decade, almost into two decades in fact. Each girl is so unique and brings such a different personality and perspective. Emily is the graceful one. In the words of Leslie Knope to her best pal, Ann, Emily is a "poetic and noble land mermaid". Her friendship has been unwavering through the years, even when I was at my worst...okay y'all I just had to pause writing this so that I could text Emily BECAUSE I JUST STARTED CRYING IN THIS COFFEE SHOP??!!? That's how much I love her and how happy I am that she found her Jim. (wow a Parks and Rec AND  an Office reference? #blessit)

I'll just leave it at that.

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