Austin Courthouse + Central Standard Wedding | Sophie and Luke


Sophie described her wedding as casual, intimate and fun, but she forgot to mention how emotional it would be.. I mean dang. How is it that I still get teary eyed every time I look at these photos?! And I look at them a lot, y'all. The day started at South Congress Hotel with 11 of their closest friends and family and ended at Central Standard with a lot of fun in between. They got married at the Travis Country Courthouse. We took the usual fam portraits outside of the courthouse and then I snagged some real cute photos of just the two of them before we headed to their favorite bar in town, Dirty Bills. Their usual bartender was there to greet them and we basically had the place to ourselves-- they had a few drinks and Luke even hopped behind the bar to make Sophie his signature drink which is pretty much just a little bit of everything haha! 

I don't think I will ever get over this day. How fierce Sophie looked, how sweet Luke was every time he held the door open for Sophie or how he was crying and eating french fries at the same time. How their parents looked at the two of them or how their closest friends cried and laughed all day. Sophie and Luke, thank you <3

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