Barr Mansion Wedding | Hollis and Steven


Hollis and I have known each other since high school, so to say this wedding was special to be a part of is quite the understatement. When she got engaged I secretly hoped that she would reach out to me and when she finally did I tried to play it super cool. 

Even though Hollis is a few years younger than me we have some pretty great memories together from school- my favorite being us going to see Underoath after one of our last football games of the season. She was a highlighter and I was a cheerleader so we changed from our uniforms into our cool concert clothes and spent the night jamming out to one of our favorite screamo bands. 

Hollis, from teenagers to #adulting it has been an honor to watch you grow into such a beautiful, smart, and adventure woman. I adore Stephen and I am so excited to see you two take on the world together. 

Thank you to my second shooter Leesha King who is living the life in the PNW, but still finds the time to come shoot with me in Texas. And shoutout to Emily Paige Films for the beautiful video she put together from their big day!