Mt. Rainier Engagement Session | Megan and Taylor

We live in a small world. These photos are contradictory to that statement, but hear me out. The world is massive and this place (among many others) makes me feel very, very small. So when I say that we live in a "small world" I mean that we all seem to be connected. I met Megan & Taylor through my friend Leesha. I met Leesha on Facebook when she posted in an international photography group about her upcoming trip to Austin. Leesha is from Washington, but her fiancé was going to school here in Austin so she wanted to connect with some local photographers. I responded to her post and we became best pals! Over the next two years we would hang out any time Leesha came to visit her fiancé. So when I finally got the chance to visit Leesha in Washington I asked her to find some friends for us to photograph out at Mt. Rainier. Because, Mt. Rainier.. duh. Leesha pulled it off and invited her good friends Megan and Taylor to adventure with us. We had SO much fun and I honestly could not believe my eyeballs- photos can not do this place justice. We even saw a deer on the trail which was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. You truly have to see the monstrosity that is Mr. Rainier in person to believe it. 

Fastforward a few weeks and I post an image of these two on insta. Megan then shared it on her gram and that's when the massive world became small again. My dang ol' sister-in-law (my sisters husbands confusing) who lives in a small town in WA commented on Megan's photo asking how Megan knew me. THEY ARE COWORKERS Y'ALL. WHAT EVEN. Okay maybe this isn't mind-blowing to you, but how random that I met a girl on Facebook from Washington and photographed her friends from her hometown and one of those friends works with one of my family members. Still not bewildered? I'll be bewildered enough for all of us.

Huge thanks to Megan & Taylor for exploring with us and a massive thank you to Leesha for driving us around and letting me crash for a few days!